Why You Shouldn’t do a Morning Routine

I have been watching morning routines for years and, I assume, you too, have watched more than you can count. Maybe you’ve even tried to implement some because they look really beautiful and inspiring and energising. And if the 4am club is genuinely happy with their day to day lives as a result of their extensive morning routine, then I am really happy for them. But I’m done feeling like I’m less of an awesome human because I can’t make it work for me.

This blog post is for those of us who just literally can’t. Maybe you have a job that involves shifts, or maybe you take medicine that makes you more tired, or maybe you’re a mum like me, who’s baby co-sleeps and doesn’t sleep through the night, therefor, you too, don’t sleep through the night. Maybe there’s a different reason altogether.

baby boy co sleeping in-between his mothers legs with the dog on the bed

I see tips like “wake up at the same time every day”. Heck no. If my child is deciding to have the rare sleep in after a restless night, I’m going to take it.

I love slow mornings. I wake up when my son dictates – usually 7:30 am (after multiple night wakings), then I have coffee which my husband brings to me in bed. Then we take our sweet time as a family to have breakfast and get dressed. Sometimes we are dressed by 9am, sometimes it’s more like 10:30 and I’m onto my third coffee.

Mum and 2 year old son on the couch. The infant boy is laying down with his head on him mum's lap.

I’ve tried waking up before my son to have the hour to myself for meditation or a walk or a stretch. I actually think it makes me a worse mother and a less productive human because I’m never completely focussed on the meditation or yoga – I’m wondering if I’m about to be interrupted by a waking toddler the whole time. Not to mention, I’m really tired from the lack of overnight sleep. With that tiredness comes less energy to play and patience to put up with 2 year old emotions. I start my job at 3:30pm and I’m feeling like my brain isn’t switched on and I make silly mistakes and that gets me really upset with myself.

It would be easy to suggest just stop co-sleeping or try sleep training. But I honestly don’t want to. This is the way I choose to mother my child and we all are just choosing what we instinctively feel is best, and we all choose different things. I’m sharing this so that you don’t feel you “need ” to parent a certain way so you can fit in with how someone else lives their life. I chose this life, I know it’s hard but these days will pass and sleep will return one day, I’m sure. Maybe you choose to work a job that involves night shifts because the day shifts are too stressful for you. I don’t know your reason, and I don’t need to know it to tell you it’s valid.

So, I just wanted to share this incase you needed to read it and be more kind to yourself. Some of us can’t do a morning routine of a single 25 year old, because we aren’t a single 25 year old. And that’s just fine. By all means, please be inspired by morning routines, but remember to stay kind to yourself and your families, and remember you have your own life with your own individual needs – including sleep needs. Go with what serves you and allows you to do and be your best! I love you, no matter what time you wake up or how 🙂

Ok, I’m off to get another coffee 🙂

coffee in the sun

Nikki x

N.B. Now that I got that off my chest, I will happily announce that as of this week, my 2.7 year old has been sleeping through the night and waking every morning at 6am. So my situation is changing, and hopefully I’ll be able to improve the quality of my mornings because of the improved quality off my nights. In saying that, will I be doing the 4am club? Heck no. If my son wants to sleep in a little later, I’d still love an extra hour. Some of us are just sleepy beings. But I will be working towards something beautiful in a way that suits my family and I. Make sure you follow the blog to stay updated if I discover any good ideas to share!

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