Sarah Flint Shoe Event

Last Sunday 2nd October, 2022, I hosted Sydney, Australia’s very first Sarah Flint event. Here’s how it went down:

The Reason

I’ve been a Brand Ambassador for Sarah Flint shoes for over a year and I’m absolutely besotted with the brand. While the brand is quite well known across the US and Canada, not too many Australians know about this luxury, Italian handmade, woman owned and comfortable designer shoe brand – and I had to introduce them to it, because it truly is life changing.

Because Sarah Flint is direct to consumer, and Aussies in general are not as involved in online shopping with any retailers in general (due to challenges such as no free shipping/returns, no next day delivery – often no next week delivery!), people are reluctant to try a new brand out that they can only see online. But I knew that people must experience Sarah Flint Shoes! So I decided to hold an event to give an exclusive group of women a first hand experience with the luxury designer shoe brand.

Sarah Flint Mirjana Sandals, Perfect Pump, Perfect Dress Bootie, Perfect Block Heel
Some of the Sarah Flint Shoe Collection

The Preparation

I had a vision of hosting a shopping event bringing nothing but my personal shoe collection and enthusiasm (and mimosas and pastries) to allow a very select group of guests to be able to see and feel the quality of Sarah Flint Shoes. The team at Sarah Flint agreed and the plan snowballed into a beautiful event that Sarah herself agreed to join virtually with the lovely VP of Sales, Laurel.

The Time Came for the Event

We booked the location venue – a gorgeous European restaurant in Rozelle, 1947 Brasserie, fitted out with Art Deco interiors and requested an amazing assortment of fresh pastries, fruit platters and the bubbles were flowing. The guests, some of whom I knew personally, some were new to me, all had a great time getting to know each other and looking at shoes and experiencing the quality of the different suedes and leathers and seeing how each shoe was even more beautiful in real life.

The Guests of Honour Arrived

After a brief presentation by me to introduce my guests to some facts about the shoes regarding the inspirations, which type of leathers I’d recommend for every day vs occasionally, etc, the manufacturing process and the sustainability practices of the brand Sarah and Laurel hopped on to join us via zoom and that’s where the party really kicked off!

It was so relaxed and fun with my guests shouting out the different styles they wanted to see and Sarah and Laurel running around their shoe closets to find the coveted shoe and shoe it up close on camera. It felt like a fun, girls night in on a Sunday morning and the presence of Sarah and Laurel made everyone who was previously hesitant to try a pair on, finally try on the shoe’s I’d brought with me and guess what – they all fell in love.

Sarah and Laurel joining our event virtually

The Results

The Australian audience loved the shoes (of course), they just needed to see them in person before jumping to purchase. It’s our culture. As I mentioned above, a lot of brands still don’t make shipping easy for us so we tend to shop online from places that either we already know and love, or they offer free returns/exchanges. So this event was the perfect opportunity to show my guests that these shoes are totally worth buying. Every guest I invited likes something different and has a different aesthetic and Sarah Flint offers something for everyone. 60% of guests purchased that day. And I just can’t wait to have them receive their shoes and love them for the next 20, 30 or 40 years because they are so well made.

The Future

This event went so well, that I know that more Aussies will want Sarah Flint Shoes because now, word of mouth will spread when people start seeing these shoes being worn around Sydney and asking about them.

I just love how Sarah Flint Shoes are so comfortable, you don’t have to choose between looking stylish and elevated, or feeling comfortable – you can have both! So, in an effort to bring this comfort and confidence to more Sydneysiders, I’m considering hosting another event in the future, with more shoes, and a bigger guest list. So if you’re interested, follow the blog so you don’t miss out on information regarding that, or, follow me on instagram because I’ll most certainly put the information up there.

The best news is, you don’t have to be in Sydney or wait for another live event if you want to try Sarah Flint Shoes.. You can head to and purchase today and if you use my code SARAHFLINT-BANIKKILASKA, you’ll save $50usd (which equates to free shipping if you’re not from the US), and if you’re in the US, you’ll receive free shipping on all orders over $150. Alternatively, you can shop directly through my link to have the discount automatically applied.

Most comfortable stiletto heeled boots. Luxury designer booties
Sarah Flint Perfect Dress Bootie in Burgundy Suede

If there’s any shoe you’d like to know more about or have a question about sizing, let me know and I’ll be glad to help.

Til next time!

Nikki x

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