Review – Marc Jacobs “The Tote Bag”

Mini Traveller Tote in Beige Cotton Canvas

I’ve been the proud owner of this cutie for just over a year now and to be honest, every time I use it I love it even more. So to cut to the chase – yes, I do recommend this bag – but here’s a review anyway with some more details to help you make an informed decision. 

affordable luxury designer handbag
Marc Jacobs – Mini Traveler Tote in Beige Cotton Canvas

Size and Dimensions of the Mini Traveler Tote

H8 x W10 x D5 inches or H: 21cm x W: 26cm x D: 13cm

Handle Drop: 11cm. Strap Drop: 69cm

This is the smallest size available in the collection. It is also available in Small, and Large. Don’t be mislead by the name “mini” as this is a really practical sized, everyday bag.

Colours Available in the Marc Jacobs Totes

This comes in a range of materials including canvas, leather, a faux shearling “teddy”, and more as well as a bunch of colours and prints, so you’ll surely find something to match your personality and your wardrobe.

Material and Durability of the Marc Jacobs Tote Bag

When I purchased my cotton canvas tote bag in beige, it had just been released and there weren’t really many colours to choose from. I was tossing up between the black and the beige and I’ll briefly discuss my concerns with each colour and what I’ve since learned and hopefully that can help you in your choice.

Firstly: why canvas? The Marc Jacobs cotton canvas tote bag is unlined and incredibly light weight. It’s a high quality, very durable material. Those that know me by now know that I’m not one to baby my things. When I make a purchase it’s because I want and plan to really get my moneys worth from them. I love canvas because I don’t have to worry if it gets rained on, or if it gets scraped or scratched. This bag has been worn so much, and still looks like the day I got it regarding scuffs and scratches. 

What the Marc Jacobs Mini Traveller Tote looks like in real life
As you can see the mini size is quite generously sized

I wanted black but being a dog owner, I was concerned about the canvas ending up covered in dog fur, so I went with the beige so it would be less visible. However, nothing really sticks to the canvas at all. It’s not coated, but it is still completely fur free and now knowing that, I might go and purchase a darker colour in a larger size. 

The light colour of the canvas certainly does get stained if you’re not careful. You can wipe any spots with a damp cloth but over time, the bag will end up looking dirtier with use. I’m personally ok with that – I love the worn in look of certain things – but it’s something to consider, if you like your things to look pristine then go with a darker colour or perhaps the leather. 

What I really love about these bags are the stitched corners. The stitching provides that little bit of reinforcement on the corners, making it more durable.

What fits in the Marc Jacobs Mini Traveler Tote?

A lot. I often carry my old iPad Air 2 which is about 6 years old. I’m not sure how small they make iPads these days but mine fits fine. It also fits a bottle of water, a full size wallet, phone, sunglasses and a thin cardigan. I often carry a nappy and some wipes for my son. It’s seriously a generously sized bag for the ‘mini’ name. 

I’m considering a larger one to use for work to carry my laptop and books I have to use for work to replace my Longchamp Le Pliage tote which has holes in the corners now.

Ways to wear the Marc Jacobs Tote Bag.
The Mini Tote often doubles as my “mum bag”, which makes me feel more chic and confident than having an actual changing bag

Versatility of the Marc Jacobs Mini Traveler Tote

The Mini Traveler tote (and I believe all sizes) comes with a detachable cross body strap as well as top handles. I love top handles to just grab and go. I also think it looks cute to hold a top handle. The handles are big enough to also hold in the crook of my arm. The cross body strap is high quality, easily adjustable and obviously makes for that easy, handsfree use. 

I have to say (and there’s not really another place for me to put this point so it can just go here), it also has a very smooth and high quality zipper which is very easy to use. One of my absolutely favourite parts of this bag.

In terms of style, it’s most definitely a casual bag and not versatile in that way. However, I’m not sure anyone is purchasing a tote bag to look fancy. 

I personally feel it’s able to be used all year round. I think it’s technically more of a summer bag, but I think it works equally well in the colder seasons. 

Value for Money

I’m so impressed with the price of this bag! $350 Australian dollars if you buy it here on ssense, and most retailers are similarly priced. It’s pretty much unheard of to get a designer bag at this price these days, let alone such a big one. The casual nature of it means I’ve been able to wear it most days, with most outfits, getting that cost per wear right down. The prices do vary according to material and the retailer.

Things to Consider before purchasing the Marc Jacobs Tote Bag

The logo is obviously a huge part of the bag but I love that it’s only one one side, with a much more discreet logo on the opposite side. So times when I’m feeling more conservative, I’ll flip it and hide the logo. Otherwise I’ll display it. 

They don’t come with the Marc Jacobs logo strap. I was a bit disappointed when I realised that because I assumed it did (obviously I didn’t check the images properly). So just thought it’s worth mentioning. You can always purchase a strap separately, which I haven’t been bothered to do because I have grown to love the plain black strap.

white turtleneck with blue jeans, white trainers and Marc Jacobs Tote bag for classic, chic outfit idea
Out and about with my Marc Jacobs Mini Traveller Tote in Sand Beige

The prices vary quite a bit depending on the material and the retailer, so definitely shop around and look for discount codes online. I’ve done my best to link the cheapest I could find at the time of writing this article, but I do encourage you to shop around a bit more incase things have changed.

So there you have it! Let me know if I’ve missed anything What do you think of this bag? Love it or hate it, or, like me, already have it?! Leave a comment to let me know.

As always, I love ya!

Nikki x

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