How to Choose a Neckline for Your Body Type

Necklines are something that gets overlooked far too often when we are choosing to purchase a new item. However, I believe they are very important in creating the desired effect of your outfit. Some are more elegant than others, some more casual, sexy, etc. Not to mention the way that it sits on your particular body. So in this article, I’ll share a few of the different necklines and the effect they create, so you can confidently shop and dress knowing you’re coming across just the way you want to.

Body Types and Necklines

We all have different body types and different preferences with how we choose to dress our bodies. Whether you’re broad or narrow shouldered, or the size of your bust, your height, these factors are all important to consider.

Crew or Jewel Neckline

These are high and round. The crew is slightly higher, what you’d find on a typical t-shirt. These are generally casual necklines, although can look elevated on a halter style top or dress. This type of neckline can be ideal if you’re after modesty, however, it can make the bust appear larger. So if you’re wanting to draw less attention to the bust, I’d advise going for a lower neckline (as contradictory as it sounds). However, if you’d like to enhance your bust, try this neckline out!

If you have a larger bust and wear this neckline on a loose fitting garment, it can actually make your body look larger overall. So if I ever wear it, I prefer to wear it on something that fits close to the body, so that the waist can still be seen.

Boat or Bateau Neckline

A high but wide neckline that is beautifully elegant. Simply choosing this neckline is a way to elevate almost any outfit. It’s popular with royals but can be worn casually. It’s just that touch more elegant than a standard round neck. While it offers a similar amount of coverage to the jewel neck, it doesn’t draw as much attention to the bust, as the eye is drawn to the neck and shoulders. So it’s a good one for those who wish to be a little more modest.


The turtleneck is an elegant neckline that oozes sophistication, but beware if you’re a busty lady and you don’t want to show off your curves, because much like the other high necklines, it can really emphasise the bust. If that’s the look you’re going for however, it can also be a very classy way to dress sensually. A fitted turtleneck with tight trousers is chic and understated sexiness. Not to mention, its a great thing to have in your wardrobe for an elegant fall/winter piece.


The halter neck is a very pretty neckline, but tricky for those of us who’ve been blessed in the chest. It can be difficult to find a strapless bra that stays up easily to go under this neckline and the shape can also draw more attention to your curves. So if highlighting your assets without showing cleavage is what you’re after – you may consider this! Another perk to this beautiful neckline is that if you have nice shoulders, this is sure to put them in the spotlight.

Woman wearing a halterneck bridesmaid's dress in a copper burnt orange colour with nude scrappy sandals
This beautiful copper coloured halter neck dress is by Chancery the Label


The V neck is a great neckline that comes in a huge range of depths from a very shallow and modest V to the bellybutton for those who dare. It’s flattering on most body types and especially on women with more angular bodies as the sharpness of the V works in harmony with the sharpness of the bones. V necks are also a great option for women who want to make their busy appear smaller – as it’s a direct contrast to the high neck options we discussed before. Just make sure it is a fairly loose fit across the boobies.

woman in a white monochrome outfit wearing a white V neck t-shirt and white jeans. She's accessorised with a Burberry belt, a Londchamp Le Plague tote in navy blue and Sarah Flint Natalie flats in Tan
The size of the bust looks as lot smaller in a V neck compared to the round necks featured above

Sweetheart and Square

Both of these necklines are so feminine and pretty. The sweetheart tends to suit women with a more romantic body type – softer and curvier – while our more angular sisters really suit the square neck as it reflects their body type. Both are very flattering and drawing attention to the neck and collarbones so if you have a shorter neck and wish to make it appear longer – go for one of these!

wedding couple dancing on the street in Krakow. The bride is wearing a sweetheart strapless wedding dress
Sweetheart neckline wedding dress


Surplice is that Cris-cross effect and technically its permanantly sewn in this position, but it’s often found as a wrap style dress. Personally, I haven’t seen many flattering Surplice tops, however dresses with the wrap are incredibly beautiful and comfortable. This is a very feminine shape that is especially flattering on our curvy women. It honours the shape of the bust and waist without hiding but without flaunting. Perfection. Just make sure you have the right bra because some of them can be cut a little low as you can see in my photo below.


Strapless is one of those universally flattering necklines no matter the body type as long as it fits properly. For those of us who don’t like going braless, it can be hard to find a good strapless bra (especially if you have a bigger chest) but if you can, or you find a strapless top with support inside you’re onto a winner! This neckline is especially flattering on our ladies with wider shoulders. It echoes the width of the shoulders rather than compete against it which can be counter intuitive. Embracing the wider shoulders also makes the waist appear smaller in comparison.

Off the Shoulder

Is there anything more cute and feminine than off the shoulder, sometimes called Bardot neckline? I’m not sure. It’s just such romantic and whimsical vibes with the right amount of sexy. Similar to the other lower necklines, it’s flattering as it elongates the neck and gives the appearance of better posture. Pop your hair in an undo to make the effect even more dramatic. Similarly to the strapless neckline, this style is divine on our broad shouldered gals (like me!). I spent too long trying to hide my shoulders when all I needed to do was let them shine!

a woman explores Venice in an off the shoulder blue dress. Her accessories are a straw hat with red embroidery, red earrings and red lipstick. She is wearing a tan bag with her blue dress.
Off the Shoulder dress is a very feminine and flirty silhouette

I certainly hope this has been helpful to you. I made too many mistakes wearing lines that didn’t achieve what I was after so I hope by sharing my lessons, I can help you to avoid or stop making similar mistakes. In a nutshell – the higher the neckline, the bigger your boobies and shoulders will probably appear. Contrary to the lower necklines which oddly enough, draw the eye to other parts of the body. Neither is right nor wrong – all you have to do is decide which look you’re after and shop accordingly to avoid disappointment.

Let me know what you think of this one!

Love ya,


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