Sarah Flint Shoes Review: The Perfect Pump (with discount code)

Pumps are an essential part of many women’s wardrobes. Whether they are in use every day for work, you’re just that stylish woman who loves wearing pumps, or you only wear them occasionally. So finding the right ones is so important. I’ve become a huge fan of the Perfect Pump by Sarah Flint and since I’ve worn them so much, I wanted to write up a review to help you make an educated purchase should you decide to add some to your collection. I also have a discount code to share, just enter SARAHFLINT-BANIKKILASKA at the checkout at (and it works on every style of shoes).

model in a cafe reading a book wearing a white button down shirt, blue jeans and Sarah Flint perfect pump stiletto heels with a Gucci wallet on chain on the table
The Perfect Pump in Sand Calf is the perfect neutral shoe to elevate a casual outfit

First Impressions of the Perfect Pump

Sarah Flint packaging is so elegant and opening a box of shoes is an experience in itself. All shoes come in the gorgeous deep blue boxes with the gold embossing and the ribbon. The shoes also come with individual dust bags, a dustcloth and a care card signed by the artisan who finished making your shoes.

Immediately, I couldn’t help but notice the smell of the leather and see that plush foot bed with the arch support. It’s so soft and a pleasure to walk in from day one. For me, there was no break in necessary.

The next thing I noticed was the V shaped vamp which is incredibly flattering. The stiletto is incredibly thin and looks elegant and refined. It was intimidating to look at, however, once I put it on my foot it was so comfortable, easy to walk in and secure. I immediately had no doubts that this really is the perfect pump!

Sarah Flint shoes review comfort, good for walking, arch support and padding.
Sarah Flint Perfect Pump 85 in the Sand Calf with the arch support

Comfort and Fit

I did follow the advice on the website and size up half a size. I would ignore this advice if you have a narrow foot, since the toe box is slightly wider than other pointed toe shoes. But given that my foot is pretty average I figured I should follow the advice and I’m glad I did as I can wear these all day long and they are a pleasure to wear. There was no breaking in required. The Perfect Pumps are the most comfortable stiletto heels ever. The heel is made using a steel rod and the steadiness is amazing. I feel so confident in these shoes. I have even had to sprint about 5 minutes for the train in them once and they amazed me at how steady I could run (although I do recommend sticking to running shoes for your actual runs haha)!

comfortable luxury designer pointy toe Spumps in nude leather
Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps in Sand Calf with a neutral outfit

Sustainable Luxury Footwear

I love a transparent company – so much information is available on the Sarah Flint website, but to save you time, I have summarised a few key points below. More information can be found at

Many companies do the cutting, stitching and assembling in multiple locations, so I was pleased to learn that all Sarah Flint shoes are made from start to finish in one of 8 Italian factories, meaning less fuel emissions for goes into the making of the shoes. Yay!

Sarah Flint make timeless styles ensuring you’ll get to wear your shoes for years to come and they do so in small runs to reduce wastage. 

100% plastic free packaging 

Dustbags and fabric panels are made from 100% recycled cotton

The round toe pump variation is also part of the “Sustainable Steps” collection which includes a number of initiatives including 100%recycled leather upper, eco insole is manufactured with zero wast and the foam padding is biodegradable made from natural materials.

cornflower blue round toe pumps by Sarah Flint are the most comfortable heels.
The Perfect Round Toe Pump is part of the Sustainable Steps Collection by Sarah Flint

Quality and Durability

My Perfect Pumps in the Sand Calf have worn so well. You’d never know how much they’ve been walked all over Sydney including all those cobblestones in The Rocks. The sole is leather and they’ve added the touch of covering the front of the sole in leather – so you don’t need to go the the cobbler to get it done yourself. This makes it last a lot longer, makes it less slippery (new slippery stilettos on carpet is never al elegant look, right?) and it adds one more layer of softness to make them more comfortable than any other pumps you’ve tried before.

Sarah Flint shoes are 100% handmade in Italy by the worlds finest artisans (the very same shoemakers who make Jimmy Choo, Hermes and many more). They are made and packaged with great care and you even get a card in the box that’s signed by the person who finished making them.

feminine and elegant style with a white button down, pleated midi skirt and Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps Stilettos in the nude 85mm heel
Wearing the Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps with a pink pleated midi skirt and white button down


As mentioned, they come in a round toe version in 70mm (with 6 colour options), however, the pointed toe pumps actually come in 3 heel heights to choose from and a huge selection of colours and materials. I love the rich brown espresso colours but also the light and bright spring colours. Check out the full variety here.


Finding luxury Italian hand made shoes for under $600 is definitely something to be excited about (and if you use my discount, you’ll save yourself $50). Most of the perfect pumps are $550 with a few of exceptions that are $595such as the Sarah Flint X Gracie collaboration, the new Espresso Croc and the Blue Wisteria Silk. Just look at them and you’ll see why!


We all know pumps are versatile style wise – that’s why we are all hunting for the perfect pair!

Realistically, however, their use is often dictated by how long you’ll be on your feet for. Or they dictate the bag you carry (has to be big enough for your ballet flats for when your feet get tired). So they often dictate other elements of our outfit or we make a choice to sacrifice comfort to wear them. This is not the case with the Perfect Pump.

Because the Perfect Pump by Sarah Flint is the most comfortable pump you will find, they are all the more versatile. No more choosing between comfort and style. No more having to carry a heavy tote with extra shoes. You really get to wear what you want, how you want. I can’t be happier with mine.

Shopping Experience

The website is easy to navigate with loads of information, pictures and customer service is amazing – there are so many ways to reach them including text message and you can even book a complimentary virtual appointment to help you choose your perfect pair of shoes.

One quick thing to note is that depending on the material of the shoe you choose, the sizing recommendations vary slightly. Some are true to size and some recommend sizing up. So just make sure you read the recommendation for your style selection.

All shoes are sent by FedEx from New York Metro Area so you can track your package and feel secure that your shoes are in safe hands.


I recommend the Sarah Flint Perfect Pumps for a comfortable, elegant and timeless stiletto shoe. I’m obsessed with my pair in Sand Calf and choose almost all my outfits around them so I don’t have to wear any of my other stilettos. I am certainly going to be adding more in other colours to my collection. I’ll go with the 100mm height next time as I now know they are very comfortable and easy to walk in.

If you choose to shop, don’t forget to enter the code SARAHFLINT-BANIKKILASKA at the checkout to save $50 or just shop through my link.

Til next time.

Love ya,

Nikki xa

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