Sarah Flint Mirjana Review – With Discount Code

I spent 8 years living in London where my summer clothes and sandals seemed to last so long (duh, I rarely used them) and then suddenly coming to live in Sydney, my things literally fell apart. My Birkenstocks that I had owned for 10 years – disintegrated – fast upon my arrival. My cute pair of sandals – shredded. The amount of use these summer items were getting compared to my life in London had increased exponentially. I had spent one summer here when I was clean out of sandals and on the hunt for a new pair, and I needed something that was top quality and would survive (almost) daily use. I am aware that top quality often comes with a top price tag so for that reason it can’t be trendy – it must be timeless. 

I initially decided to add a pair of Hermes Oran flat sandals in the tan (Gold) colour to my wishlist, but they are so, so pricey and I hadn’t gotten comfortable with the splurge yet due to the mixed reviews, but then, shining like a beacon off my screen was the perfect tan sandal with the intricate bow detailing that would quickly take 1st place on my wishlist: the Mirjana sandal by Sarah Flint. And now, after owning it and wearing it for almost a year, I feel qualified enough to review it for you. I will be sure to cover things like durability, comfort, price, versatility what the shopping experience on the website is like and so much more, to give you as much information as possible. I also have a discount code to share if you decide to purchase, just enter SARAHFLINT-BANIKKILASKA at the checkout at (and it works on every style of shoes).

First Impressions and Packaging- 

Sarah Flint shoe review with discount
Mirjana in Saddle Vachetta Leather

I was impressed before I’d even opened the box because I am a sucker for good packaging. I love that the shoes come with a card on how to care for them as well as a hand signed card by the artisan who finished off making them. The shoes come in individual dust bags and the attention to detail with the gold trimming and embossing is a gorgeous luxe detail. 

Comfort and Fit

luxury summer sandals

These are true to size but only come in full sizes, so take note if you’re a half size and size up. They are also incredibly flat and the leather sole is firm to begin with but softens with wear. 

My foot is slightly wide and I found these to be initially quite snug, however, not unbearably so. In the early days of owning this sandal, I couldn’t wear them all day long, but as time passed and they softened up, the leather upper is so soft and the sole has gently moulded to the shape of my foot making it so comfortable and now, I wear them all day on warmer days.

If you have a narrow/average foot, you’ll probably love them from the get go. Please note that these are incredibly flat with no cushioning so if you’re buying them for someone who needs a bit of cushion, have a look at the wedge version which comes in a variety of heights including a sensibly low 5cm. 


I love a transparent company – so much information is available on the Sarah Flint website, but to save you time, I have summarised a few key points below. More information can be found at

Many companies do the cutting, stitching and assembling in multiple locations, so I was pleased to learn that all Sarah Flint shoes are made from start to finish in one of 8 Italian factories, meaning less fuel emissions for goes into the making of the shoes. Yay!

Sarah Flint make timeless styles ensuring you’ll get to wear your shoes for years to come and they do so in small runs to reduce wastage. 

100% plastic free packaging 

Dustbags and fabric panels are made from 100% recycled cotton

The wedge variation is also part of the “Sustainable Steps” collection which includes a number of initiatives which you can read on the sustainability link.

Quality and Durability 

The Mirjana sandal is incredibly high quality with a one piece leather bow that wraps around the outer straps so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart or coming undone. 

The inner and outer sole is 100% leather that gently softens and moulds to the foot with wear. The Vachetta is a beautiful untreated leather that darkens over time with wear but is easy to maintain by going over it gently with a damp cloth. They are available in colours which are treated leather – which some people say easier to maintain. Personally, I feel it’s not any extra effort than cleaning any other pair of shoes.

I find these to be incredibly durable! Australian summers are long and so believe me when I say I’ve been able to get plenty of wear. I have accidentally stepped in puddles wearing them, had people spill drinks on them, been caught in the rain and just generally picked up city dirt and pollution, and although I don’t recommend treating them as harshly as I have, it’s nothing that a gentle wipe down hasn’t cleaned. My shoes are darkening nicely and evenly and I’m loving them more each time I wear them. However, if cleaning shoes is something you’re not into then certainly check out the other available colours because on the Saddle Vachetta, every mark does show up quite visibly if it’s not wiped. 

Variety – Colours and Heel Heights

The Mirjana flat sandal is available in 4 colours: Saddle Vachetta, White Calf, Gold Nappa and Black Vachetta.

It’s also available in a wedge variation for those that prefer a more supportive shoe. The wedge is available in a lower 50mm or higher 80mm height and both come with anatomical arch support and extra 6mm of footbed padding. I haven’t tried it, but believe me, I intend to!

The wedge colours include the Amalfi Blue and White Calf in the 50mm and Petal Calf, Saddle Vachetta and Bright Gold Nappa in the 80mm.


The flat sandal is USD $350 so while it’s definitely on the premium end, it’s a whole lot cheaper than many other luxury handmade shoes, due to the direct-to-consumer operation, there’s no retail markup!


luxury designer shoes

I find these so versatile for almost any summer occasion. The fact that it’s a flat sandal is casual in itself, however, the intricacy of the bow detailing is so dainty and feminine that it can easily be dressed up. I am actually so glad I didn’t end up buying the Hermes Oran for this reason. I find the elegance of the Mirjana much more versatile. 

They are also the perfect summer travel companion for this reason. They are so flat so they take no room in your luggage, and the versatility of the style means you don’t have to pack so many shoes with you! Mirjanas and a pair of trainers and you’re good to go! 

Shopping experience 

The website is easy to navigate with loads of information, pictures and customer service is amazing – there are so many ways to reach them including text message and you can even book a complimentary virtual appointment to help you choose your perfect pair of shoes.

All shoes are sent by FedEx from New York Metro Area so you can track your package and feel secure that your shoes are in safe hands.


Hermes Oran alternative

If you’re after a high quality, versatile, comfortable and timeless sandal – I can’t recommend this highly enough. The price for a pair of Italian hand made shoes is unbeatable especially when you calculate the cost per wear. 

If you take a minute to carefully consider whether you’re a flat sandal or a wedge person, and whether you prefer treated or Vachetta leather, you’ll make the right decision and have countless happy days wearing these shoes. 

Bookmark this page for when you’re ready to shop so you don’t lose this code to save you $50! Enter SARAHFLINT-BANIKKILASKA at the checkout or you can shop via my link to have the discount automatically added at the checkout 

I hope you found this review helpful, and if you did, be sure to let me know either here or on instagram where you can tag me with your gorgeous pair of Sarah Flint shoes.

Love ya,

Nikki x

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